Investor Services


Direct Purchase and Sale Plans are available to existing shareholders and to interested first-time investors. It allows the investor to purchase initial or additional shares directly through the transfer agent at a lower commission rate than that charged by brokers.

Dividend Reinvestment Plans have gained popularity among the investing public because they provide the opportunity to your existing shareholders to purchase shares by reinvesting cash dividends without the use of a broker.

The programs provide a stable base of shareholders who are likely to have a long-term, "buy and hold" investment philosophy as well as company product loyalty.

For companies contemplating launching a Dividend Reinvestment Plan, we strongly suggest that a Direct Purchase and Sale Plan be integrated to provide the new investor with a method by which purchases can be made without the requirement of being an existing shareholder.

Both plans provide the investor with the opportunity to purchase additional shares in your company by making optional cash payments. Payments are made at their convenience through automatic withdrawals from their bank account or by check. Purchases and sales in both plans are governed by the terms of the respective plans.

Shares purchased are registered on the books of the transfer agent in book-entry form. Shareholders also have the option to deposit any and all outstanding physical stock certificates with us for safekeeping. Statements of activity are mailed quarterly. Purchases and sales, as well as requests for certificates, may be initiated through the Internet or by IVR telephonic access.