Investor Services


AST knows that small shareholder accounts represent a significant portion of your registered shareholder base. We will coordinate a sales and purchase program that reduces the number of small accounts and trims the expense of administering such accounts.

With AST managing your odd-lot sales and purchase programs, you can count on the delivery of continuous, straight-through processing. We serve you better by being your single source of information, taking responsibility for requesting, collecting and acting on all information.

Equally important, AST is available to you for the long term. Even years after the program ends, we are ready to answer your shareholders’ questions—questions you won’t have to field at your office.

Our innovative programs offer features unique in the industry, which include:

  • Identifying accounts with fewer than 100 shares consolidating certificate, book, and plan positions
  • Creating easy-to-understand program materials that are simple to act upon
  • A coordinated mail and telephone solicitation campaign addressing the full range of potential shareholder questions
  • Processing all purchase and sales responses using our high-volume optical scanning equipment
  • Purchases and sells daily, giving shareholders the most flexibility in determining share price
  • Offers shareholders the opportunity to make online purchases at our website by debiting their checking or savings accounts
  • Mailing of checks on settlement date, delivering the fastest end-to-end turnaround performance in the industry
  • Comprehensive after-program customer services including the handling of shareholder inquiries, IVR, replacement checks, and replacement of 1099Bs for all AST-managed transactions

Odd-lot Buyback Administrative Cost Reduction Programs

By lowering the number of small shareholder accounts, clients can significantly reduce their administrative expenses.