Investor Services


At AST, our commitment extends to you - our corporate client - and to your shareholders, as well. When you put AST to work for you, you'll soon learn why we set the industry standard for customer service.

AST always exceeds expectations by constantly pursuing ways for you to better serve your investors. When your shareholders have a question or concern, you want to know that their needs will be addressed - promptly, courteously and correctly. With AST as your agent, the information your shareholders need is always available. AST provides a wide range of automated assistance, and for those times when only a human voice will do, you can be confident that our Shareholder Services Representatives are available to help.

AST's Shareholder Services Department is staffed with experienced representatives who not only keep current with industry regulations, but are completely up-to-date with events within your company. We will assist your shareholders with any consideration or question they may have. Shareholder Services Representatives are available Monday through Friday, 8am to 8pm ET. Our toll-free telephone number is (800) 937-5449.


Premier Shareholder Services

Our experienced and dedicated staff has a vast amount of industry knowledge. They are committed to answering shareholder requests in a refined, educated manner.