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AST acts as transfer agent and registrar for close to 2,800 public companies maintaining each company's records of share ownership and outstanding shares. In addition, AST provides various other services, including answering shareholder inquiries, disbursing dividends and other shareholder payments, administering dividend reinvestment and share purchase programs, coordinating company mailings, tabulating proxy results and generally performing functions that affect the registered stock and/or shareholders of a company.

The following is a brief overview of the shareholder information available on this website, as well as a listing of the transactional capabilities available to existing AST account holders.

Available Information
  • You may access your account detail from either the homepage or from the left toolbar of any "Shareholder Services" screen. Once logged into your account, you may access detailed information regarding your stock ownership, shareholder profile, or transaction history.
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) may be accessed from the upper toolbar at any time or from the toolbar on the left side of this page. The FAQs answer many common shareholder questions concerning account maintenance, replacement of lost checks and certificates, dividend distribution, sales of book-entry stock, and duplicate statements and mailings.
  • Frequently Asked Tax Questions may be accessed from the toolbar at the left side of this page. This page answers many common shareholder questions concerning tax withholding, tax reporting and issues relating to reinvested dividends.
  • Transfer Instructions may be accessed from the toolbar at the left side of this page. This page provides a detailed listing of the submissions required to transfer stock, with a separate listing for each type of registration in which stock may be held.
  • Merger Activities and Updates may be accessed from the homepage or from the toolbar at the left side of this page. Our clients often announce mergers, tender offers, exchanges or other corporate actions that affect the interests of shareholders. In many cases, the terms of the corporate action are very technical and/or confusing. This page is designed to provide detailed information and instructions in a concise, plain-English format. It also provides access to copies of documents that may be applicable to the particular corporate action.

Please also note the link on the toolbar entitled "Forms Available for Download," which provides downloadable forms relating to stock transfers, corporate actions, and/or tax reporting.

Needless to say, if review of the information provided on this site does not answer a particular question or concern that you may have, please do not hesitate to contact our Shareholder Services Department via any of the means listed on the "Contact Us" page.

Transactional Capabilities

Shareholders with an existing AST account may access their account(s) to:
  • Perform complete account maintenance functions (including address changes, account consolidation, enrollment in a dividend reinvestment or direct deposit program, or enrollment for electronic delivery of proxy materials).
  • Replace a lost, stolen or destroyed check and/or certificate.
  • Purchase additional shares via check or direct debit.
  • Sell or certificate book-entry shares held by AST.
  • Submit a shareholder proxy vote (please note that you must have the 11-digit account number that accompanied your proxy materials).
  • Request a duplicate 1099-B or 1099-DIV.
  • Print out a detailed dividend reinvestment and share purchase history.
* Please note that certain transactions outlined above may not be offered by the company in which you are a shareholder.

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