Investor Services


To transfer shares of stock, kindly follow the transfer instructions below

1. A fully completed Transfer of Ownership Form must be signed by all current owners, exactly as their name appears on the account. Any person signing on behalf of a current owner is required to state their legal capacity next to their signature. (i.e. “Power of Attorney”, “Guardian”, or “Trustee”, “Secretary”, “CEO”, or “President” of a corporation, etc.).

2. Persons signing on behalf of a deceased owner must state their legal capacity next to their signature. (i.e. “Executor”, “Administrator”, “Personal Representative”, etc.). When signing on behalf of a deceased owner, you are also required to submit a completed, notarized Affidavit of Domicile and in some cases, an Inheritance Tax Waiver.

To determine if an Inheritance Tax Waiver is required in your case, we suggest contacting the appropriate Tax/Revenue Department of the decedent’s legal domicile. You may also obtain this information by visiting the Securities Transfer Association’s website to view Appendix VI of their guidelines to determine if an Inheritance Tax Waiver is required.

3. All current owners or persons signing the Transfer of Ownership form must have their signature Medallion Guaranteed. A Medallion Guarantee is a stamp obtained from a Guarantor such as a bank, stockbroker, credit union, or savings association of your choosing, and placed in the appropriate box provided on the form.

You will be required to produce appropriate legal documentation to the institution you are seeking a Medallion Guarantee along with appropriate documentation verifying your identity, legal authority and/or capacity to sign the Transfer of Ownership form.

4. The Form W-9 printed on the front of the Transfer of Ownership form must be completed and certified by the new owner. The Tax Identification Number provided will be registered to the account and used for IRS reporting purposes.

If you are transferring shares held in certificate form, you will need to submit the original stock certificate(s) with your request.

If the shares submitted are valued at greater than $10 million (U.S. currency), or the original stock certificate(s) is lost, you will be required to also submit all supporting legal documentation that may apply, such as a certified Death Certificate, Affidavit of Domicile, certified Letter of Testamentary, Trust Agreement, or Power of Attorney, etc, if applicable. Kindly contact our Shareholder Services Department or view our website to obtain a list of the legal documentation required.